Law related domains
PM send with selling price.

I love the name of that domain. Does it have greater value when it has to do with the law or legal things?
What kind of site would you set up with a law related domain?
You could have a list of the most outrageous lawsuits that are going on. You have plenty of cases to chose from. That would cover plenty of subjects as well.
That's a good can also have people blog like they are a opinions/decisions on the case!
I think we have plenty of court related things on T.V. that every one likes to watch. Lawsuits are in abundance and being able to vote on a site sounds fun too.
There are so many sites with incentives/prizes, that a site like voting/jury could attract alot of viewers with incentives.
I think a site with the voting on it is something good to do. I go to TV Guide website everyday and vote on there about complete nonsense!
When prizes are implemented it would only draw in more daily viewers. People save sites like these to their favorites in reminder to visit/vote every day!

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