Law related domains
I have LEGALKB.COM (kb=knowledge base)
domainsdev Wrote:I have LEGALKB.COM (kb=knowledge base)

are you going to develop that? Its a great domain for some kind of legal wiki.
Hi Zach,

Like majority of my domains, this one will be developed and wait for the right offer (whether before or after development).

Yes, I was thinking this one would be great for a general directory of legal knowledge, even forums, and, as you point out, wiki. This is the next level of development I am looking at, user contributed content.


P.S. I also have BizKB and MedicalKB to complement.
I was wondering what user content you had in mind for the legal domain? I've seen sites that had forums, and articles as well to bring a balance.
Hi ~ Just joined today. Are you still looking for law-related domains? I have quite a few.
i have and if anyone is interested. PM me with offers.
What niche would this domain be used within? There are legal issues in almost every facet of life. Would this be family law? Adult entertainment law?

Pm me your thoughts ... Thanks.
I think anything with legal information on it will be popular. It would be very easy to develop a site that answered legal questions. Divorce, family law, wills, and taxes are all areas you can cover.
Would you be interested in: [for intellectual property law] [coincidentally named after a court]

I am contactable at logishblog(@)gmail(.)com

Logen L.

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