Poll: When's the best time for you to chat?
Tuesday 5 PM Eastern / 11 PM GMT
Tuesday 12 AM (lunch) Eastern / 6 PM GMT
Thursday 5 PM Eastern / 11 PM GMT
Thursday 12 AM (lunch) Eastern / 6 PM GMT
Other time or day that I posted in the thread
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Live chat - vote for time
Vote for Chat Times

A few members suggested in another thread that we should all get together one day and go on chat. Some of us live in Europe, and some in North America or elsewhere, so it would be great if we could all agree on a time for chatting! Wink

So tell me what would be a good time for you.

Please try to choose from one of the options in the poll. If you can't make any of them, post here and say so. I would like everybody to be able to get in on this, so we'll work towards the best time for everyone.

See ya

Thanks for the great information about these new ways to participate on the website. My best date to chat is Thursday between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Congratulations on the book!Smile

still waiting for more votes, but right now it looks like its going to be thursday at 5...
If I might ad, I think everyone should try a browser add on called Me.Dium. You can use it for IE7, Firefox, Flock right now. It would make it very easy for each of us to see who is on and if they are on domain social. Also it helps people jump to friends sites without having to type in addresses.

Just my opinion. I love it. If you use it, add me as a friend. "hurgoll"
I voted.......
Voted, 5 PM Eastern would be best for me. Thanks Wink
My best date to chat is Thursday between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Congratulations on the book!
I voted for Thursday 5 pm
Tuesday 12 a.m. will be convinient for me.
Voted Thursday 5 PM Eastern / 11 PM GMT, best for me Smile

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