Losing the connection?

My Server 2012 Standard installtion losing from time to time the RDP connection.  Did you create the session-based collection to set up the RDS deployment,or just connect thru the conventional Remote desktop?What has been installing on the server 2012?  Anyway,check the networking setting,update your NIC driver,disable all the 3rd party AV/firewall and have a clean boot to see whether it works.   Its a clean installtion inside the data center without additional AV/firewall (I am fine with the Server 2012 Firewall) and without any special hardware or drivers. Its a connect thru the conventional RDP.  I have this problem with Windows 8 and Windows 2012. This happens from our local network (direct RDP) and from the internet (via a RD gateway server).

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Did you create he session based collection to set up.

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