[SIZE="2"]Hey guys! I own a list of some domains with .me.uk and .org, .mobi, .tv, .info, .ws which all have been certified as premium domains.

Domains with .me.uk I own are generic and very popular, THEY ARE WANTED! domains with the rest extensions cannot be compared with them.

However .me.uk is just a second top level domain of .co.uk and not very popular (I think, not sure) so I wander if the domains with .me.uk are more profitable than domains with the .ORG, .MOBI, .TV, .INFO and .WS. (For example, I don’t know which from shopping.me.uk and shoppingmall with the rest extensions is more profitable)

Anyone here can help me to find out the right answer? Thanks[/SIZE]
Please I Need Comment From An Expert Cause Im A Newbie In This
I Need Your Help Very Much
I Need Yo Helps Guys,please ...
:eek: Help this person!! If I knew squat I'd try to help. The veterans can help us over-eager noobs save a lot of money. Whatever you tell him (or her) will help me also. Thanks, your patience and help are really appreciated!

they are two different types of extensions for two different purposes.

.me.uk is intended for personal sites, like blogs and bios. I really doubt that any company would ever buy cars.me.uk.. and the companies are the people who would buy your domains.

And yes, .org has MUCH more value than .me.uk

In my opinion, only reg .me.uk if you plan to develop it. However, you might want to take a chance at 'investment'.. but know that its a bit dodgy.


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