[SIZE="3"]Hey guys! I own a list of some domains with .me.uk and .org, .mobi, .tv, .info, .ws which all have been certified as premium domains.

Domains with .me.uk I own are generic and very popular, THEY ARE WANTED! domains with the rest extensions cannot be compared with them.

However .me.uk is just a second top level domain of .co.uk and not very popular (I think, not sure) so I wander if the domains with .me.uk are more profitable than domains with the .ORG, .MOBI, .TV, .INFO and .WS. (For example, I don’t know which from shopping.me.uk and shoppingmall with the rest extensions is more profitable)

Anyone here can help me to find out the right answer? Thanks[/SIZE]
Guys I Really Need Your Help So Please Comment To Me
Im A Newbie In This So Plz I Need Yo Help
go for .mobi I think they're going to boom in prices in the next few years, then maybe .tv or .org
Hi Takwa- I bought a few .mobis when I was under the impression it was "the" way to connect with a mobile device. Since then, I can't find anything really positive about mobi's future. :confused: Anybody know anything more?

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