Making money online
After seeing the threads on amazon associates, affiliate marketing, product blogging, etc, i thought it'd be useful to repost a post (a little oxymoronic) i'd made a few mins ago at another forum.

this was in reply to making money online.

That's the dream, isn't it? To be able to make cash on a regular basis and without having to continue to put in long hours every day?

I have been checking out various systems over the last couple of months, looking at paid surveys, paid surfing and all sorts of programs.

Like muslgrl, I made close to 'jack' too.

That's why I looked for something more long term and sustainable.
Internet Marketing seemed like something interesting, but there was quite a number of 'scam artists' who were promoting internet marketing too.

I checked out various products and finally found 2 that i felt comfortable with and I'd advise anyone who's looking for income to consider too.

In Internet Marketing, there're a couple of ways to make money ('monetize' if you like to use that term), and the ones I'm currently working on are:

blogging and adsense: in this model, I maintain my blog ( and at the same time generate revenue through the Google Adsense targeted ads (I think most internet users would be familiar with this).

I'm also doing affiliate marketing, that's kinda like being the 'retailer' for somebody else. In the last couple of days I've sold a number of different introductory internet marketing courses and earned about $220 (about 6 sales over a 4 day period). I know it's not fantastic, but it's the launch of this new marketing campaign I'm putting together. Next week, I'll going into the next phase and going national and international with this.

if you'd like more information, check out:
Secret Blog Weapon: this is a tool which teaches you how to install a blog and generate adsense income from it. It's written such that even beginners can get a blog up and running within a couple of hours.
I mentioned it in my blog here:At last, a blogger’s path to making Internet Marketing money!

Ultimate Afflilate Weapon: this teaches you how to get into the system of affiliate marketing. being able to sell other people's products. There are a number of affiliate networks (you can search for these on a search engine) where you can find products and put them up for sale. Everything is done electronically and you can your payments promptly.
I mentioned it in my blog here:Ewen Chia the Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing guru

If you'd like more information, check out my information sites at:

on my blog too, I talk about some of the experiences I've had in closing the sales I had this week.
My blog is at:
Some of the sections contain strong language, though I clearly indicate where it's located.

I hope this had been informative.

If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer them

ps: i hope my post isn't spam. if it is, please delete it and accept my apologies.
end of post
I don't know if that Andrew Wee person helped or really promoted his blog. I do understand the basics that he explained, but in the end even if you have a blog, you still need traffic.
Hi Slashmire,
erm, I'm the 'Andrew Wee' person.
It was intended to promote the blog as an example and explain the concepts too.
I've actually got the launch emails for a new affiliate campaign too.
And yes, I'm promoting my blog.

Keiretsu Internet Marketing campaign launched

I just launched my set of Internet Marketing products along with my exclusive launch offers.

I was talking to a contact on MSN a short while ago.
As I was giving him the details, he got so excited he signed up midway.
Oh well.
I guess he couldn't wait.

You can see the details at:

Both products complement each other very well and will enable you to launch an online business, attract traffic and close transactions. I selected them because they're well-integrated.

PS: I'll be launching the Internet Marketing insider forum next week.
Please note that it is a closed forum and the information shared is not found in any product.
It will have a MAXIMUM of 20 members.

If you've any questions, you can mail me.

Slashmire Wrote:...even if you have a blog, you still need traffic.

Bingo! I don't know if there are any real secrets or if it boils down to just plain old hard work - spread the word, update the content, optimize. I'm not looking for easy money or short cuts, I'm more than willing to put in a day's work for a day's pay. Right now I spend a lot of time haunting forums, trying to get a handle on people are making it work.
Hard work. Way hard work. Constant marketing, networking, PR activities. Just as with brink and mortar, the people that put in the time get the payoff. Just as with brick and mortar, the payoff can be big or small. The advantage to internet sales is you can keep some costs down, so its a much easier business for people to get started in - but that's the end of the "easier" part. After the entry costs, everything else is the same old hard work.
Heh, sorry if it may have sounded harsh, wasn't the way I was going for it. Promoting your blog is fine, and obviously we all like to promote our own stuff, I sure do; however, I just felt that your advices didn't really "touch" the general public in a way that was easy to relate.
Yeah traffic is the trick. Setting up a site and making it look good is actually the easiest part by a mile.

Getting traffic can be extremely difficult and very daunting.
no worries. tks for the feedback.
i'd want to refine my marketing strategy.
could you (and anyone else who feels inclined) help give me feedback on what specifically you didn't feel comfortable, and if you can, what do you think might appeal to you.

I've been doing a lot of offline marketing, doing phone calls to contacts to get them to come into the program i'm putting up.

my USP (unique sales proposition) is the insider forum where i'm going into traffic strategies.

by the way i found this page particularly useful PageRank Prediction - Predict Page Rank Predictor
i keyed in my site and it reports that my PR is expected to go from PR0 to PR3 at next google update.
i'm gunning for at least PR4, so my backlink strategy (will be discussed in the insider forum) will be key to organically building up the position in SERPs.

on the other hand, websites and forums are more difficult to improve, unless you're using a CMS with a RSS function like Joomla, which build backlinks very quickly.

Actually, traffic building is built fairly easily through following a few simple methods:
1) submitting press releases (can generate 1000+ backlinks if you do a good article)
2) submitting articles to article directories (again, backlnks if a hot topic and picked up by websites as content)
3) viral marketing (likely the most interesting, cos a successful campaign could pull you in excess of 100,000 links).

i'm currently sorting through the content for the insider forum.

if any of you have some thoughts, could you let me know?

Thanks andrew, interesting post. What do you call "viral marketing"?
triumph Wrote:Yeah traffic is the trick. Setting up a site and making it look good is actually the easiest part by a mile.

Getting traffic can be extremely difficult and very daunting.

Do you have a site? How do you get traffic?

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