Manual or automatic link building?
When it comes to link building there are a few ways in which you can submit your link to link directories. It can either be manually where you add your link to directories yourself and then you can have it done for you where you can have your link automatically submitted to several different directories in one go.

Which do you prefer to use when it comes down to submitting to link directories? Would you rather submit yourself or have it done automatically?

I personally would rather do it manually so I know where my link is being placed and that it will be relevant.
I once tried automatic link building and it was a big mistake on my part. I ended up with my link put on so many sites and some where not even relevant and others were sites I would have never wanted my site linking on. I now always link build manually no matter how long it takes as then I know exactly where my link is going and I also have the privilege of saying that I did it myself.
i am submitting myself. Because it will be helpful to increase the number of back link as well as website traffic.
manually generating backlinks will be more effective when compared to automatic backlinks
manually is the best ways to submit in directories.
The manual back link are more effective than automatic back link. Because in manual back link, the user know very well where he or she is putting the high PR sites black link and in automatic, they do not have knowledge.
If you have to opt between the manual and the automatic directory submission services, then surely the manual submission should be preferred. The combined option of manual submission and link building SEO services provides a better chance for your website getting ranked higher in the search engine.

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