Marketing on Facebook?
Any link coming from facebook and other social networking sites is a good link. Google loves social bookmarking sites and if you e.g post a video at several SB sites with your URL in it and post the same video on your site and submit the page itself again to those SB sites you might get high google rankings but I advice you to pick up less competitive keywords to get high ranking by this method.
Yes, I think it is a good idea. I have a facebook account for my business and announce specials, new domains etc. It is a great way to get some extra traffic.
Facebook is very great medium to do marketing as we all know that aprox 10 lakh visitors come on Facebook website daily.

You can business or marketing your product on Facebook
Facebook is the best social media websites for website promotion in search engines. You can get organic traffic to websites with the help of generating back links on Facebook.
According to me in Facebook you have to share your details about your Advertisement. And also keep focus on add more and more friends which will help you in business.
You can make a separate account or you should make a page related to your business on your account itself.
Facebook is a good platform for marketing, because this platform comprises a crowd of your related target audience, and the reach ability is very fast to them if you pay for the campaigns.
According to me if you need personal account you can create it and don't share anything on that about your business and for business you have to make a separate account where you have share your blogs and business and try to bring more and more traffic to your website which will helpful for marketing.

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