Mass article submission to get backlinks?
echos Wrote:You might ty the You can register and submit your articles. Then they are saved and matched whith a wemaster or magzine or on-line publication, that can use them , Echos

HyperDog Wrote:There is an "Article Submitter" app available on clickbank that I've been pleased with.

Are both of these free. I'm el cheapo and I don't want to pay anything I can do/get for free. Big Grin
How do you have time to write so many articles? I submitted only one article for the first time today and that was on the ezine site and I only did it because I was there doing some research already. They do let you put your link in it but that doesnt mean for sure that the next guy will keep the link, right?
Spieler, They are supposed to keep your link. Some probably do not, but legal action is rarely worth it.

Agent Orange, I found manual submission of articles took FOREVER. I was doing these while watching TV, but still took ages for me. I had accounts created in 3 hours through the article submitter software at 10s of major article websites. Then, I automated submission of several articles, while just checking back occasionally for errors. The software works well. Note I'm recommending it without an affilliate link.

ps. I'm el cheapo, too Smile I can appreciate that!

Does anyone have an automated process or good experience with Press Release submission?
I have tried once and had no luck.
Is this working for any web related businesses ?
As I never got any customers.

Also it still shows my backlinks as 0
Articles are a excellent way to drive traffic. The launch of my new site will be done in conjuction with an article ring linking the sites all together. Each article will deal with an aspect of the topic as it fits with the site it's posted.
I have used article submission for product launches and I have to say that it works very well.

Googe just loves article sites, and if you optimize your articles well, your article will end up with high rankings for that keyword.

High rankings = targeted traffic to your site = more sales.

Just in today, I discovered a doctor has plagiarised one of my articles and called it her own. The b****h is capitalizing on my expertise. Not for much longer. I have sit in motion a little legal problem for her to write. about.
I have used article submission for my blog and product launches and I have good results from it. I also found good tarffic from it.
I love article submission (especially the automated versions)..

Listen up guys, I have a blog ( that has a bunch of articles to help you out. Even more insane are the free giveaways I have on a few posts. So dig up the free stuff and you'll find free software and free ebooks you can use to help you promote your site or even resell for profit.

Search everywhere and get your own free software.. I know this seems like a scam but it's not. I'm not about scamming - I've been scammed way too many times myself. I've bought those ebooks and softwares and have the right to resell them or give them away fro free to my readers (well some of them anyway) - I have bought well over 200 different programs (ebooks and softwares).

You won't be disapointed and you bring traffic to your site and/or learn a few valuable tricks while you're there. Smile Later guys.
With article submission, I think is a great way to promote your product. I haven't submitted any articles for my blogs, simply because I don't sell anything there. But it is a very good marketing tool.

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