Mass article submission to get backlinks?
Has anyone used I hadn't heard of it until I looked at insanemoneyblog, thanks, insaneb!

Also, I couldn't find the article submitter on Clickbank. Where should I look?
Thanks Insaneseb, I will check it out for sure. Smile

Sounds like you have spent mega time and money already. If I ever get anywhere I will send some love back your way. Smile
andreww38 Wrote:everything takes time.
articles are an organic approach to growing traffic.

besides have yr links in the credits box, consider embedding it in the content also.
this prevents backlink less when some site owners print the article without the credit box (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

and if you're putting out articles regularly, say 1 per weekly or biweekly, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

spread your net wide and if you have a large article count (i've seen power users with 2,800+) it gives you more credibility than just 5-10 articles.

Do most article sites allow embedded links? The author isn't limited to placing their resource url at the end of the article in the area provided?
I have no idea of how are the rules for certain article submitting sites... I guess they all have their own little "problems" but in any case it is worth doing research about it.
andreww38 Wrote:btw, a contact gave me this link.
steve pavlina has written 500 articles and derives his income from adsense and affiliate prods.
he gives his articles away for free.
you can also check out his website at

Thanks for the information, but that link doesn't seem to be working for me.

In my limited experience, I've earned a little from having articles at sites that share revenue, but there are no back links there.
I've been submitted articles by hand, so I can target certain niches. I hear that if you use a software to do it, they just post it wherever they can on the site and miss the niche entirely.

But I do have to agree, it is exhausting work! I try to submit 5 articles a day, then at the beginning of the year, write another article and begin submitting again.

It's funny to see these people who copy your article and post it on their site. I don't mind as long as my url is on it...
Thats definatlety a good thing.

A lot of articles that you submit are actually "scrapped" and picked up by article bots and then automatically posted as blog feeds.

So not only is article submission a good way to gain authoritative backlinks from article sites, but its a good way to get blog links too..
I've done some article writing for small amounts of money but never any work that allowed for good backlinking to my own, personal projects. This thread was a great read and I'm going to check out some of these resources to try to take advantage of them as I go forward with new work. Thanks for all the information guys.
If you are already blogging you should make a widget on Widgetbox. Then, people can place your widget, showing your blog entries, on their own sites. It helps get your work circulated, and might lead to some back links down the road..
Thanks for the tip. I'm going to look into Widgetbox and also start branching out into different places to start accumulating backlinks. It's always nice to be able to get some traffic from other sources after you've already put the work into your writing so I think this is a great topic for many of us.

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