Matt Cutt's Google Videos
This is an excellent resource. Thank you for doing much of the footwork for us.

Is it possible to "sticky" a thread like this at the top of the page? It's really worth keeping it close at hand.
Oh yeah, and guys, if you download the video the sound and video quality come up MUCH better. Google Video reduces the quality so low when you upload.
Thank you, Zach. I have not yet looked at them but, you certainly will be saving me time.
Yay, Zach, thank you. I'll check them out and let you know what I think.
A great resource for anyone involved in this or other web businesses. Wish I had found them sooner! Thank you!
good stuff thanks
Matt Cut also has a regular blog you can Google. He's almost an icon.
This is excellent resource for us and we can learn good things from him. He is very popular in webmaster community.
I will check all of them out. Thanks for posting this, Zach. I think everything that can somehow help to learn about something is very helpful. Thanks again!

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