Media Hosting with 24/7 support?
I'd like to make a notion on reliable web hosts offering Media Hosting.
Requirements: 50 gbs of space, 1500 gbs of bandwidth, Linux, 24/7 customer support.
Is their any good web host with nice server stability? How is vps? Any comments please?

What reliable web hosts can you recommend me to visit?
Accounts from and are worthwhile.
They have the fastest, cheapest, best features and best support that I have ever had.
Give a try. Perfect network and server uptime - my sites are always up and accessible to visitors around the whole globe.
Pricing is competitive - comparing their pricing with other web hosts, I must say they are the best in the hosting market.
Reliable VPS accounts are available from and
I like their features:

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
24/7/365 Tech Support
No Setup Fee & No Gimmicks.
Accounts from and are worth trying.
I am happy with their services and will recommend them to anyone looking for good hosting at affordable price.
Recommend to anyone looking for outstanding, friendly, and reliable web hosting services. FREE SETUP!
Free local server firewall, forget the problems with security. Great for high transfer sites, Wordpress sites, SEO etc.
Accounts from are worth every cent you pay for their services.
Great prices and great services. Easy to use software.
Customer also gets full root access and all capabilities of a server, including control panel, etc.
The best hosting location of datacenter in heart of Europe, but US location also available. can be trusted.

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