Members threatened on other forum
I know that DS is small right now, but check this out:

Just about everyone here knows that there are bigger domain forums out there. And just about everyone here knows that, no matter how big those other domain forums are, they are no where as good as Domain Social.

Whereas some forum admins (and mods) have been welcoming to us and our memberbase, others are doing their best to try to stop us from growing.

I was recentely contacted by a member here who wrote that he was nearly banned from a major forum, simply for linking to Domain Social.

But wait:

I thought that forums were about sharing information and building an informed community... I guess that I was wrong!

This is the third time that a member here has been threatened on another forum for linking back to us.

But I say, if you guys want to link and talk about Domain Social,
then forget about their censorship, just do it!

I just want to make this clear:
We are a community for all those people who are sick and tired of the other big forums. Here you can give your true opinion. If we have rules here on DS, they are only to make this a safe forum and to keep scammers out. All honest domainers are welcome here, no matter what their opinions.

Give 'em hell

Hey Kaseron don't spam here. Zack thanks to inform us about that threatend.
Woe, I hate when that happens. Kind of ruins everyone else's time when there is drama like that. It was kinda fun, over a decade ago when I first got the internet hehe. Smile Thanks for the heads up!
Deja Vu! I'm a mod on a forum and link to my own forum. For years, the forum owner linked to my forum. New member arrives and tries to start crap by claiming I'm trying to get the newer forum shut down in favour of my own!

I wish those people who either grow up or die!
I'd say it's time to get bigger.
I feel those people can't deal good in real life either, so they try to have some control over a virtual space. That is absurd! The easiest way to shut up someone is just ignoring them... At least that's my experience!
You are correct. Ignore them and they implode....and move to another forum.
Thanks for the heads up.

I am new here and I have used other forums in the past however I am liking this one.

It has a nice design and friendly people.
That's interesting. I hadn't heard of the details of that, aside from seeing some links taken out and that sort of thing.

Go zack! Cool
Its truly amazing how stupid some people can be. I personally own a website of my own. I allow members to advertise "competition" sites. It doesn't matter whether a person knows about another forum or not, if they like one over the other, they are going to post at the one they prefer... Its really crazy how some people act. GET A LIFE! Seriously, threatening people? You know they have nothing better to do when they resort to that!

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