Messy websites
What are your thoughts on websites that look a mess? I hate to go to a website where nothing is set out right and everything is just a mess, it gives the impression that the owner of the website never really took the time to work on the site itself and would have much rather just slapped anything anywhere to get the site open.

Have you ever visited a site like this? Do you tend to stick around on a site like this and if so why do you tend to stick around?

With a website like this that looks a mess and is really set out poorly I will only stick around if the information on the site is relevant to what I am looking for.
I hate to see websites that are badly laid out and have no thought over them at all. I have on a few occasions been on websites where it is quite obvious that the owner of the website was more bothered about getting the content onto the website and getting the website out there for traffic than actually thinking about the layout which would have helped them a lot more.

It's off putting to say the least to see a website that hasn't had much thought put into it.
hello everyone 
            I think Messy websites is nothing but a generating and involving many websites,I don't know clarity about this Messy Websites can anyone tell please!!!!........

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