Mike Mann sold Favorites.com for $165,000
Mike Mann announced yesterday in a post on Facebook that his company sold Favorites.com domain name for $165,000 . According to whois records,the new owner has privacy protect on the domain name.Therefore,no one knows for sure who the new owner is .

Favorites.com was previously listed for sale at Domainer Mardi Gras back in February,2009
I would have liked to be the one to have owned that domain lol. Personally I think he could have easily received much more than 165k.
I think it sold for what it's worth and more.
Where does Mr Mann sell his domains? we put ours up on Sedo,godaddy and afternic, so far no luck, but yet keep reading how Mann sells his for lots but where? can anyone advise please
Wow that sounds good I wish one of my domains could get me cash like that ....

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