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In our latest careers advice for young people update we look at what you should be doing when you have actually landed a job interview.

So you finally receive that letter through the post – you have been selected for a job interview!

This is where the hard work starts as mess this up and you may be waiting ages for the next interview chance. Times are hard and good jobs are getting scarcer by the day so make sure you follow our tips to give you a great chance of getting through your interview unscathed and landing the job.

Turn Up For the Interview on Time

This sounds so simple yet many people turn up late and miss their interview! The best way to prepare for an interview is to stay calm and collected so you do not come across as disorganized and flustered. Turn up around 20 minutes early if you can so you can sit in the waiting area and stay relaxed until you are called.
Check out the bus or train times if you are using public transport or look for a nearby car park if you are driving there yourself.

Research the Background of the Company

Yes some people do actually turn up for an interview without finding out a little about the company they are interested in working for. Nowadays the Internet makes it much easier to find out all about anything and anybody.
If you can sum up what the company does and a little about their history or current strategy you will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Ask Plenty of Questions

Have you ever been in an interview situation when it comes to the stage where they say “Have you any questions?” and you cannot think of a single one? Well nike air max 90 white mens , get this wrong and you can wave goodbye to any chance you may have of landing the job.

Prepare some questions to ask before you go to the interview. Use the research phase when you are finding out about the background etc and write down some relevant questions to ask them. If you look as though you are interested and want to know more then you stand a much better chance.

People Love Stories

Everyone loves a great story. Instead of relating your experiences as a boring list or chronological account tell a story instead. Practice writing a short story about your life so far, make it interesting and informative but don’t go on for too long!

Stay Professional at all Times

Do not make the mistake of being over familiar with the job interviewers and stay calm nike air max 90 white womens , focused and professional at all times. Do not tell them too many personal details about your life and stick to the facts at all times. Do not try and say things that may impress the interviewer – it won’t work.

Interviewers are well trained and have a lot of experience so will soon realise if you are trying to embellish your history or make out that you are something other than what they see.

Finding out More

If you want more advice on interviews, jobs or simply careers advice for young people in general then why not have a look at pods4jobs?

With over 2 nike air max 90 white shoes ,400 video podcasts covering over 40 different job sectors you can find out what you need to know about a particular profession quickly and easily.

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