Monetize yr domain. target $10 CPM.
I'm Andrew Wee, I used to be more active here some time ago, but have been wanting to kick off a project with domaineers.

I'm an affiliate manager with Neverblue CPA Network. We're one of the largest CPA networks, based in Victoria, BC and we have a suite of CPA offers that encompass most geographical areas.

So I've been looking for a few domaineers to do a trial of a project redirect domain traffic to CPA offers. I'll work closely with you to match an appropriate CPA offer to match the theme of your domain.

By my estimates a quality domain could result in a 1% conversion to an offer, let's say conservatively a $1 payout. At 1 conversion per 100 uniques, that's about $10 CPM. That's the baseline target.

Depending on the specific vertical (finance, insurance, payday), the payout could be $40 or more per lead. But I don't want to inflate expectations and lowball for now.

If you've at least 1,000 uniques/day to your domain (or network of domains), you can PM me here and I'll be in touch to set up some trials.

You're welcome to then post about it here (or keep quiet about it, if the offers go gangbusters for you) It's your choice.

If you've more questions, you're welcome to post them here.

Some general info:
1) CPA refers to cost per action. It could be filling in your name, email. It could be requesting an insurance quote. In most cases, they don't need to spend any $, so this is usually highest payout and conversion than CPS progs like Amazon associates, clickbank or kontera,adsense,intellitext.
2) I've been an affiliate marketing since 2006, so I've done the gamut of internet marketing stuff, so I'm able to understand your lingo and help you monetize your site.
3) There're no guarantees how much or how little you'll make. So you might want to use your less valuable domain properties and roll it out progressively if you find it works for you.

I work long hours, so I'll answer immediately if I'm at my computer. I do sleep, so there will be blocks of time where I won't immediately respond...

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