Mooter Media??
Hi, need some advise here. I have received a reply from this ads network :- Mooter Media. But I have not much or information about them, especially feedbacks from actual publisher point of view, which is very important in determining a company performance.

I was intending to apply for a PPC publisher acount the other day, and bump into their site, I just filled up the enquiry form and send it away. They replied and attached some questionaire and survey for me to fill up, especially about my site stats breakdown.

From their questionaire, it seems that they are having several ads type :-
1. CPC
2. Rich Media
3. Banner Ads
4. CPA

Just want to receive more information about them before I jump in. Anyone??Smile
Never heard of them myself. I would be a bit skeptical about going with unknown quantities for advertising partners unless you are doing it on a small test scale to see how they work.
Good advise triumph,
I have received their reply about 1week ago, and they had actually required me to complete their questionaire and statsistic reports. Well, it was quite some hassle to actually list down the details for them. So I just attached the stats for their view.
Their first email response :-
Quote:Monetising sites with Chinese traffic is one of our strong points! We currently enable ad distribution to publisher’s sites for a number of prominent Chinese ad inventory providers. We are also capable of providing Japanese, Korean and English language listings as well.

First step in moving forward is for us to understand a bit more about your site. I’ve attached our standard questionnaire for publishers. I would appreciate it if you could complete the form for us. This helps us understand the most appropriate ad provider to source ad inventories from, and maximise the resultant monetisation of your content.

Till date have yet to hear anything back yet. Pretty slow in their response time.Sad
NOt a good sign at all. Also, with all the information they seem to require, it makes me wonder even more. It's like they can't get beyond that in order to deal with a customer.
I work for a small entertainment site in China and we used them for a couple of weeks... the revenues were very poor and they did not provide good service. We also tried SinoTech Media ( and Alimama (

SinoTech Media had simular revenues compared to Google (we used Google before) and alimama had lower revenues but easy sign up. Kept these ... got rid of Mooter.
I´ve never heard of Mooter Media before, but either do something is a small scale just to try it, or follow the advice from the person that already used it. I hope you can get good results!
I am always leery about providing a lot of statistics to companies that haven't the reputation to justify such requests. It is just easier to deal with known entities that require little information.
I just read this on the Australian Stock Exchange...........

Mooter Media Limited (ASX: MMZ) today announced that, following the strategic review
outlined at the Company’s Annual General Meeting in late November, it will now
discontinue its operations in China.
It is anticipated that the Chinese business will be closed, staff made redundant and assets
liquidated by the end of February 2008. Collections from publishers will continue for a few
months thereafter. The net “one-off” cash effect of the closure is expected to be
approximately $93,000 up to the end of February.
Mooter Media launched its syndicated search listings network in China in June 2006 and
effectively created a new market segment - enabling search engines to syndicate their
search listings on third party content through Mooter’s Mooter adVantage platform.
Despite initial success, the growth could not be sustained as search engine partners
elected to build their own proprietary networks (driven by the success of the model).
Without the infrastructure and licenses to support a direct relationship with advertisers, the
dynamics of the Chinese market are such that establishment of an economically
sustainable business is marginal compared with other alternatives available to Mooter.
Accordingly, the decision to close Mooter’s Chinese operations will allow Mooter to better
focus on a number of potentially more attractive opportunities in more developed markets
in the US, Australia, Asia and Europe. In particular, those markets have proven that they
more highly value Mooter’s ability to better target and behaviourally optimise the delivery of
online advertising.
Paul Siminsky, CEO of Mooter Media, said, “China is an extremely attractive market if
you are in a position to make a significant investment for the long run, with numerous
intermediate hurdles. Over the last two years, Mooter has developed a range of scalable
technologies and methodologies that enable advertisers to better reach their target
audience, and online publishers to improve their site monetisation. As Mooter moves to
commercialise its capabilities in a scalable environment it is important that we focus on
those opportunities that have the ability to deliver significant value now, rather than those
with potential value in the long term”.

Looks like we were right to stay with Alimama and SinoTech
This is an interesting thread. I'd never heard of them or any other companies that specialized in the Chinese markets.

It looks like there was good advice offered here. Cool
So, what happened? What did you do at the end? Reading the report, I hope you didn't get in with Mooter Media. Out of curiosity, I found a lot of information about mooter media, but the fact that they are getting out of China makes it "shaky" to use.

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