My domains 4 sale
Hi guys, I'm new here and not sure exactly how to use this forum. I tried listing domains that I wanted to sell in the domains for sell forum, but I don't think it would let me. I currently have these domains for sale on auctions, or on buy now, but no one is bidding on them, I think because no one can see them because they have so many listed. Where is the best place to sell domain names, also can you sell them on this forum, and if so how does that work? Do you post the link to them for sale on godaddy or where ever they are located at, or would I pull them off godaddy and sell them directly to a buyer on the forum, and if thats the case, how does the transaction work, they pay, then I transfer the names, or vise versa? Hope this made sense.

Here is a list of domains I have for sale on godaddy, can someone tell me a better place to sell them?

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