My new Affiliate Page...
Hello everybody!

Here is my first affiliate page that was launched today. Let me know what you think...
Looks good. Easy navigation.

It will definitely make you some good affilate commissions
That looks like a nice, clean page. I think it will work well for you too.

Best of luck with it.
Nice!!! I like it, very simple and to the point. Easy to go around and for the people that is interested, will definitely find what they are looking for. Congrats and best of luck!!
Good luck with the site, it really looks simplified and neat. All the best with your site.
It is refreshing to see a page that isn't cluttered with tons of animation and hype. Nice job.
Hey David

Props on the site!! It looks great.

One thing off the bat, your logo in the heading looks like its in simple arial font (?). If I were you, what I would do is actually leave that part as headed text (in the HTML as <h1> or <h2>). That way you'll get more search engine visability. You could just cut out that logo part of the image and replace the rest with ordinary text.

How do you intend to drive traffic to the page.


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