MySpace for marketing?
Maybe some people will not believe it, but I'm not into MySpace at all! I've seen a couple of pages out of curiosity, but nothing else. I was thinking, since people are so eager on having thousands and thousands of friends, is that a good way for marketing your website/blog? What do you all think?
I posted a similar question about this not too long ago; a friend wanted a website but was tore between myspace and a regular site. We decided both woudl be a good idea, since myspace is the current rage. There are special sections for music and film, a good supplement and many people are becoming famous off the internet alone. I admit, I have a page and i love it! I am a dork!
I think I could understand using it to market music, and film, and even books... but as a marketing tool for other websites, is it real? Can you get real clients that will buy your products from there? Just curious.
If you are targeting a younger audience, why not? I mean if it is stocks or something like that, haha probably not. What did you have in mind? Smile

The great thing is if no one looks at it, you are out nothing. hehe
Well, that's true! There's nothing to loose once you are there. One of my friends is there and he has over 5 thousand "friends" but he needs to promote his band and gigs... I was just thinking of something else.
Do you know anthing about this facebook business> I hear many people talking about it. I dont think it will catch on like myspace, but it would be something to look into as well, dont you think? Smile
I'm in favour of anything free. Other than that I don't care. If it's free, use it to advertise. If not, don't.
Haha well I love free stuff too, Accer. Once in a while I will spend all night combing a freebie site looking for stuff haha. So has anyone tried facebook?
Gigi Wrote:Haha well I love free stuff too, Accer. Once in a while I will spend all night combing a freebie site looking for stuff haha. So has anyone tried facebook?

What is facebook? I don't think I ever heard about it... I mean, is it something in the States? I'm curious to know. What is the link?
It is something along the lines of myspace, I am told. BUt i have been too lazy to look it up. A few people have asked me if i have it, and I have been too lazy to ask what it is. I act like I already know what it is. Isnt that sad? So, who is gonna look it up? LOL

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