MySpace for marketing?
What people don't realize about MySpace is to advertise you have to network within as well. It is not just a hang it and forget it situation. You have to work the boards.
I agree with you Aquarian... You have to be there and showing your stuff and work the boards. I found that one of the best places to market my blogs, is under other blogs related to the theme, and that's where I get most of my visitors from.
Good points guys Smile Things to ponder in the world of web design and self promotion!
I've been "linking" other people's blogs into mine, and I participate leaving comments in other blogs too, with my signature leading to my blogs. For sure you get at least the owner of the blog to check out yours, and they in return link you too... It's slow but it works better than those massive traffic stuff, because you are getting the people that is actually interested on whatever you offer.
Myspace has a bit of a new look on the home page this week, new bulletins and so forth. I am becoming more addicted to this site and see why people are so taken with it. it is a great way to keep in touch with people!
I tried to tell you! Myspace sucks you in and before long you are checking in 50 times a day and shaking with anticipation when your phone oes off to tell you that you have a new comment or message.....
Facebook is getting hot, you see it listed in a lot of places now and all kinds of new apps being made for them. You should most likely check it out.

Just a quick two cents. Smile
Gigi Wrote:If you are targeting a younger audience, why not? I mean if it is stocks or something like that, haha probably not. What did you have in mind? Smile

The great thing is if no one looks at it, you are out nothing. hehe

With all the news about pedophiles and the amount of scrutiny Myspace is under, I wouldn't do anything that targets a consumer who is under 25 years old!
Big Grin
tater03 Wrote:That is true they have been under quite a bit of scrutiny so you would want to be careful on the age you are targeting and the content.

True. But what if you offer ringtones, for example? They are the main target audence for your product! I don't know anyone yet that is over 40 and is buying ringtones over the net! I insist, depending on what you have, MySpace us a great marketing place.
I know someone who works myspace and is quite happy with the exposure he gets for his reggae music. I've definitely heard more about facebook in recent weeks.

I'm surprised at how many friends and colleagues of mine are on those sites, which goes to show I've been underestimating them in the past.

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