MySpace for marketing?
myspace is a good way to meet more people to network with. If you go to myspace and look in the groups, you may find exactly the right niche that would want your product.

I just looked at myspace and found one group about domain parking and income from domain traffic, called 'domainpals'. Unfortunately there is only one member in the group, so that wouldn't be very useful. But there are alot of business and entrepreneur groups you can make friends with. It is a great place to network if you find the right niche for your product and work it right. People dont want to be sold on myspace, but if you have something theyre interested in, why not.

Remember after setting up your page, you do have to wait a certain period of time before you can join any groups.

Hope this is helpful.
I guess I will take another look at Myspace. It seems much of the agitation over pedophiles is gone because the Myspace staff too time to clean up the site.
Go where your target audience is. If it's myspace, go there. If it isn't...don't.

Most of the pedophile agitation could have been eliminated if the parents had parented instead of demanding that the world be childproofed.
Agreed, ACCER. Why can't we have kids-appropriate sites and content; why does everything need to be child friendly? Not everyone's a kid.
SageMother Wrote:I guess I will take another look at Myspace. It seems much of the agitation over pedophiles is gone because the Myspace staff too time to clean up the site.

Pedophiles will always be a problem but kids are not supposed to be on MySpace but are.
myspace sucks !
Yes, I advertise stuff on Myspace constantly, I believe there are groups designed for that purpose there.
A while back, I was introduced by an affiliate of mine to the "wonderful world of myspace marketing".. YIKES!

Let's just say that the experience left me scarred for life.. lol

The point with Myspace Marketing is that with so many potential friends, you can sell any sort of affiliate program, software or ebook to a huge load of customers. Potentially yes.. is it that easy? NO!

The one problem is that all of the marketers will tell you that you don't have to play by the rules and that BOTS are the way to go to create a ton of fake accounts to populate friend's lists.. it's insane! Then, there are a bunch of "spammy" bots that can help you send out millions of emails to all those friends to sell them your precious Myspace Marketing eBook.

I mean, sure it works. Is it something that a respectful marketer jumps onto? HELL NO!

Just my two cents...
haha... well you can pay and get your adds(as a Pop up) in face book .com Big Grin
My band uses Myspace for marketing ourselves and it goes quite well. I haven't gotten into it much for writing but plan to once I get the site I'm working on off the ground. Facebook is taking off quite well but is still quite a different animal than Myspace I think.

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