Myspace Marketing?
Have you ever tried myspace marketing? I just starting trying it with my new forums, and I used a trial of a myspace bot and requested about 800 friends and got around 500 or so back. I have gotten a lot of messages and comments like "Great site, keep it up!" but no one has registered or posted on my forums. Have you tried this method? How well does it work?
Great work. Keep it up!

I get almost 20000 unique users per month on one of myspace related site. but not more than 5 user registrations per day.

It's a tough task to catch up in this, but it still satifies, because the volume is large and we get the share easily. top notch sites for that are based on purity of content and the web tactics to earn.
Myspace is a tricky one. You can get a lot of traffic, which is good, but you need more than a trail of breadcrumbs to get posters. Think about what makes Myspace appealing to the masses and try to give a little of that in the forum.
I never did marketing with myspace. But, i think myspace is good for marketing. It is like big online social club, where you can create and update personalized websites with photos, music. You can make many friends through myspace and can stay in touch with them by private massages. So,communication scope is great in myspace.
Wow , thankx for tall the great info. I always have wanted to get started with My Space, but haven`t yet. I think with all this info I will Thankx again, Echos
I heard myspace can give upto pr5. So I registered there some days ago.
But I dont have any idea from where I should start.
Can you guys help me?
Boy, i am with you, I need help with the Myspace thing. Don`t know where to start, Thankx in advance for any info, Echos
Lets create a myspace account.
YOu invite me for friend.
And we will increase the friends there. I think thats the idea hehe.
I do not have a myspace account. Is it worth it to create one simply for marketing purposes?
I think tht Myspace and those like it are great to get your name out there and to get a few bites but, don't expect much.

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