Myspace Marketing?
Thunder Wrote:Let me get this right myspace is a form of free advertising that will allow you to at least get the word out about your domain. How in the world is Myspace making money then? I am a firm believer that nothing in life is free. I really don't get it, please explain?

It isn't made for the purpose of marketing....

Go to and you'll see for yourself. It's a social networking site... you add your friends, and they add theirs, and so on.

The point that the above posters are trying to make is that you can add hundreds of friends (even if you don't know them) and then contact then all at once with your ad.

So after a couple months it has really been helping. It helps best on search engines. When you type the name I got hundreds of results on myspace.
Maybe you should promote something that is more generalized like signed up affiliate programs that deals with for example tax software, tv downloads, free federal grants ebook, etc. But if your products are very niche lets just say I would rather have 200 targeted friends than 2000 untargeted friends. Because one of two or those 200 targeted friends would be your customer, whereas you would be lucky if you get one person out of 2000 to buy the product. I also would use my bullentin too to tell people about the products. Make sure that when you do that create a review or something as why they should buy your product.
myspace is a great site and it is a good place to promote your site but you dont get expected results as your work
They have programs where you can put in your myspace ID, and they send 1,000's of requests to targeted people. It really helps, and gets your name across the web quickly.
I do do myspace marketing and I have all the tools need to carry out this. Of cos, results varity on the type of site and the target age group. However, you will see traffic improvements. :-)
First we must target mYspace users before marketing.
As sometimes they wont be interested in our ad.

Who are using mYspace ?

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