Name Protection or Name Stealing?
Hi All,

Here's the article I promised about Network Solutions. I couldn't figure out how to post the screen-shots here, in this forum, so I put the article on my new web-site

Here's the link

Please share your opinion after you come back.


Sherlock Holmes himself could'nt have done better! CONGRATULATIONS Sri! And game well played! Thank you so much for taking such a smart initiative and letting us know about it. You played them BRILLIANTELY!
They are the big sharks of the industry and proceed stealing thousands of names without impunity. The regulators (ICANN) should certainly be informed of that (common) practice, as well as GrassRoot and other concerned authorities in the business! Their so-called "registrar accreditation" should be removed from them. But most importantly, innocent domainers should be made aware of such a high-level scam.

Job well done Sri! Again, all my deepest congratulations. You deserve all my respects for having out-maneouvered them so brilliantely!

Big Grin


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