Need advice for a shopping cart for e-commerce
Hello, Im looking for information about easy to use software for e-commerce and not very expensive. Any information will be very helpful. Thanks!!!
Well, guess I'm the only one currently with this doubt. Perhaps I'll check in another forum.
Well, guess I'm the only one currently with this doubt. Perhaps I will check in another forum.
Zen Cart is popular with many ecommerce sites. If you are going to use Paypal to process your orders, they have several options and even provide instructions on setting up your payment system.
PayPal is the one that comes to mind to me. Some people don't realize that they do offer a system you can use without you having to go through an outside checkout site.
Some have opted for Google Check Out. I don't know if it is as easy as Paypal's cart system is, but both options are free.
PayPal is more well known and used more, though, so many people are going to be familiar with it and have accounts already. I would suggest using it instead of Google check out if you're going to go with a free service like this.
When I am buying online I always choose the paypal option for payment if it is available because it is so much simpler and I don't have to worry about giving my credit card details all the time. I think paypal would be a good choice because it is familiar and trusted.
I use Paypal although as has been mentioned in the Lounge in another discussion, you have to be careful of phishing scams with Paypal but I've never has a problem with them.
I's say check out Paypal, simply because it is the most popular and available in most countries. That will give you the posibilities of more clients. And they can help you set up everything. Good luck!

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