Need to Renew

I need to renew some domains and I was wondering about the best company to do this with.

I currently have domains with Godaddy, ipower, yahoo and euroDNS.

Also is it easy to transfer? I am hoping it won't be too much hassle.

Cheers Big Grin
I should add that I would like to keep the domains under one account in future - for simplicity. And it would be great if it was user-friendly. Ipower is a nightmare to use.
Hi Chris,

I have an option,
I am a new reseller for Godaddy.
If you transfer to my reseller account it will only be $6.95 per domain, plus the ICANN fee (25 cents).
That way you can save additional money on all your renewals.
This transfer cost is probably the lowest cost around.
This could be a win-win for the both of us.
Just a thought.

I transfered most of my domains here to get away from the mess at Registerfly.
$6.95 cost is pretty could.
Please note, do not wait until they need renewing right away with GoDaddy, as they will not allow the transfer to take place. You will have to renew with your account with them.
Do it before at least a month to go on your renewal date.
That is a good policy to follow no matter who you are with.
I usually renew at least two months before the deadline date.
And yes, when you transfer you get the one year additional time on your renewal.
The new account setup is free to do.
Kick it around, I think it is a good way to go.


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Hey, how does the reseller thing work?

Would the domains still be in my name?

I'm afraid it's time up with most of my domains, but most are ipower ones. I haven't decided which I want to keep yet, only a few days to go....

I guess I'm leaving it very late here!
Tomorrow I will make a list of the domains I am keeping and who I hold them with.

I would say between I am keeping between 10-20.
If you are interested still, post back here ASAP and we'll work something out. I only have a few domains with godaddy so there probably shouldn't be a huge problem. Most are with ipower.


I'll be glad to help in whatever way possibe.
Just PM me and we will get started.
PM'd you......
If I may but in here...

Which company to choose depends on your domains. If you have controversial domains (as in, legally contraversal) then stay away from GoDaddy. They tend to suspend domains as soon as complaints are recieved, and they do this to avoid legal hassle.

If you have many domains, over 200, the it may be worth going with godaddy. They offer special prices to large accounts (called executive accounts). They contact you after a while. They can discount pretty much anything, and it makes GoDaddy a great deal.

Can't say anything about DomainCroc's post, the price sounds very good though, but thats my two cents.

Decided to give up on this whole thing, Ipower were terrible to deal with.

I will write a post later describing my experience with them to warn others!

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