Need to Renew
Hey Zach,

I do appreciate the post.
I learned something more about the GoDaddy Mega Empire.
My question is,
When do they contact an individual about an executive account?
I became a Pro Reseller for them because I was moving all my domains
away from the problems Registerfly got themselves into.

( Unbelievable mess in trying to renew )

and they did not mention anything.

I recently went past the 200 mark on domains that I own.

Anyway, I am here to help as a GoDaddy reseller.
I will do what I can to assist anyone as my posts show.
I'll go the "Extra Mile" to make domain transfers easy.
Man, did I learn a lot in transfering my domains away from Registerfly.

My domain name hopefully is one most people will remember.
What do you think?
I have the domain name ""
I thought about using it but felt it had more potential, perhaps later as a forum site.
What do you think?

Zach, do you reside in France or the UK?
My wife and I spent time in the UK last summer.
Just enjoyed the country, especially the pubs.
Great food and friendly people.

Do hope to make it to northern Italy this year in August/September.
Ever been there?

Anyway, got to go.

Remember: "Snap up a Great Domain @
DomainCroc, I think at least as a first impression you have something very important: you are offering a good customer service, and that can be very valuable! I hope people will catch up with that and will help you too. Good Luck!
The first impression is most important. I would never stay with a company if customer service were poor.

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