Net4domains is good. Right now they have a free offer also.
Yeah they seems quite good.
I saw them in gmail ads some minutes ago.
I like that.
I've good things about them too, never used them though. I'll check them out.
What kind of free offer to they have available right now?
net4domains is good, but seems inmature at their domain management backend, still many lame underdeveloped features.

Also, it took almost over 3 days for nameserver change for one of my client's website registered on net4domains. it's good at current domains offer, but i wont recommend otherwise. still good for simple to go users. Smile
triumph Wrote:What kind of free offer to they have available right now?

Check out :: India's Top Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting Company. Big Grin
good post "iamafreelancer" thanks. needed to register some 4 domains for NGOs here and this helps them out big time. ainmaking mony here but the goodwill earned is fanatstic. thanks again.
I did check it out, but I am not in India, and it was not really clear what they were offering.

Can people in the US get a deal there or is it just for people in India?
It's for all. They are actually networksolutions' resellers. Smile
WHat is the free offer? Is there some kind of catch where you need to post or buy something first? I really hate when companies do that Sad. And how is there customer service and everything? Is CNAME easy to setup with them?

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