They actually fixed two of the forums and assured me their databases are all fine. I went to put up one of my idling domains with WP and 9 hours of sheer horror. then I tried the same setup in one of my GoDaddy sites and 15 minutes the project was up and running. I am now transferring that domain over. It should b live by June 4th rncfame.
Well, at least you know that you are getting away from netfirms, and I am one of the people that would talk against that company! After what you've been through, is the least I can do!!
Agreed Berlin! A friend of mine was about to go with them. The way they treated aquarian lost them a good sized business customer.
They also lost out because I have several domains where GoDaddy will allow my to split the space for new domains. I just did that today.
Your new sites look great and function so much better than before! I know it's a relief for you.
Netfirms seems to put the sites down an hour a week. I have a site reporting agency checking up on them.

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