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There are a couple of companies I have purchased from that have impressed me with their services and products but they don't have affiliate programs. I would like to include them in my websites and blogs.

I like the idea of having affiliates that haven't had much or any exposure because they will stand out against those who have been around for a while. Id My instinct right here, or are old stand bys from places like Commission Junction and Clickbank , better way to go.
Contact the company through their websites. I have picked up a couple of affiliates doing that.
That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.
I think that is a good idea and may pay off for you in the long run, but probably not the short term.
I generally only go with affiliates that I like and admire in some way...smaller, more independant booksellers and publishers, distributors of green products and the like. It might not make me as much money, but I get to help grow businesses I support, and that satisfies me. I think it would satisfy you as well.
You can always contact them. They might be persuaded to create an affiliate program or just offer to purchase advertising from you.
I too believe in supporting something you like or enjoy, even if is little known and you might not make money. Its that "makes me feel good inside" kind of retribution that most of the time is what really counts... although for the right ammount of money I might even put some advertising for a republican on my blog... LOL! NO! no way! it's not worth it!
I think it would depend on why they don't have a program, if it is because they are just starting I would wait and not contact them. I am sure they will have a ton of things on the todo list and a aff. program is sure to be one. Just keep watching them.
thanks for the post

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