Next update - Accepting Suggestions
OK Guys

I am keeping track of all of the suggestions that people have suggested. I will impliment them when the next update of Domain Social comes out:
  • remove automatic link title fetching (thanks Gurpartap)
  • fix the fact that code tag distorts template
  • replace DS$ with Reputation System
  • re-enable the domain portfolio system
If you have something to add, just reply to this thread.

Thanks Big Grin

Points system could remain intact and let users collect points for what they post. No one except you have any points since starting.

Reputation system +++

Thanks Big Grin

Clean up the post. Two many dead topics an waying you down.
Yeah this forum contain too many dead topics. All those should move in trash.
It seems most newbies ask for some guidance and any suggestions from experienced Domainers. I don't see a lot of reply's to give them any assistance or tips. Maybe you could have an area where Newbies can review new updated ideas and tips. Thats just my opinion. Thanks Smile
nice suggestions -add wider width of the website?
hello! friends!
great to discuss with you.
My name is Tom and I have been domaining in a disorganized haphazard way for over 10 years, but have recently put a lot of effort into taking my domaining to a new level and possibly parting with some of my old favorites! (Maybe I'm weird- but some of these domains feel like my children!)ry657
These sites are useful..???
The suggestion would be to allow newbies much more freedom like experience members.

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