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Noomle is offering 100% free websites minisite service. You keep 100% revenue without a share, there is no catch to this service, it is based on donations from you when you start making money from your websites to keep the service up and running.

This was started from a personal project for the portfolio, after good revenue was made Noomle decided to open it to the public and you are welcome to join it is FREE.

  • Over 25 templates (with color customization)
  • A free article library to edit and copy/paste articles you like( or add your own articles to avoid duplicate content)
  • Ability to park your entire portfolio if you like
  • Track traffic using Google Analytics
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing webmaster verification
  • Domain Market
  • A large Forum of people to help you make the most from your sites.
  • Multi-Language support (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi)
  • R6 Directory to submit your Noomle sites into (Noomle Directory)
  • Fully functional mobile sites which your domains will instantly convert o
  • Blog style templates with plugins, apps to make your domains look great

You will also discover a lot more in your control panel once you join.

Build your traffic and keep the revenue to yourself. Donate when ever you like the service, or help build the project with your nice ideas, but overall the goal is to keep the service free for every domainer.

Example template:
[Image: redW31.png]
Looks interesting, I'm gonna give it a try and see.
Thanks for sharing.
Update: Noomle Mobile was launched awhile back, but I did not include it here. This option allows you to instantly have a mobile compatible site by simply selecting a template for your site. This is something that tonnes of CMS sites are missing out on and yet Noomle has been on the ball.

Example templates:
[Image: M1.png] [Image: M2.png]
Hey dzinternet, Have you check it out.. Share here please your experience for further users.. | |

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