Offline marketing strategies
When it comes to marketing offline marketing can work just as well as online marketing if done right. Using things like leaflets, flyers, t-shirts and such can all help you to gain exposure to your businesses and websites if done right.

Have you ever used offline marketing? What methods do you tend to use when marketing offline and how effective are they in terms of results?
The only offline promotion I used was poetry reading, but that's more site specific promotion. It worked well below my expectations.
I might try flyers sometime soon but not sure if that will work out.
I guess it would depend where you place the flyers or how you hand the flyers out. I find that asking local businesses to place them in their windows works well when it comes to using flyers as you never know who may see your flyer and show an interest and it gives the chance of a wider audience seeing your flyer.
I have used leaflets and flyers in the past which have all worked out really well for me and have brought me traffic I never thought I would reach. Being able to market offline is always a great thing because it will help you to reach out to those who you may not be able to reach out to online such as people who live nearby who are less likely to see your marketing online.
i am not doing offline marketing. according to my opinion if want to do offline marketing then process involved that are

Ad promotions by paper and TV which will generate business leads. According to me Online marketing in very much helpful as compared to offline marketing.

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