PPC cannot accurately identify the winning natural name
PPC cannot accurately identify the winning natural name.
  SEO free self-learning website considers that the title of the article is a meaningful page ranking factor, which is one of the most important factors to determine the click rate from the results page of the search engine.
  Higher CTR can not only drive more traffic immediately, but also improve the natural ranking when combined with good field indicators.
  Title tag CTR is difficult to test: it requires a lot of page access drive nature, and spend a lot of time - usually two months time to Google index all the pages in the test, and then collect enough data was statistically significant results.
  One tempting option is to use PPC ads to quickly answer questions about what the title tag is.
  Unfortunately, tests conducted at the Wayfair show that PPC advertising does not always accurately measure which titles perform well in natural results.
  The reason is that pay-per-click users are not random seekers;
  They are a biased group.
  We know that their behavior is different from the overall searcher, because they are the few users who click on the AD.
  And the results show that their response to the title is different from clicking on the user of natural search results - in particular, in the paid advertising, sales promotion information performance than to behave well in the natural search results.
  The best-performing titles in advertising tend to scare away natural users.
  Tests show that PPC ads do not always accurately measure which titles perform well in natural results.
  Three heading test methods.
  Wayfair SEO team want to know whether there is a faster way to test the change of the title tag, which gives the accurate answer, so we use three different ways tested 10 different title tag formula:
  Mechanical Turk
  Google PPC advertising.
  Live SEO test

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