PPC searches and PTR - Worth the trouble?
I am just wondering what is the real value of PPC search engines. There are thousands of them out there. They flood the PTR programs with advertising in hope that while you're watching their site for 15 seconds, you'll click on some of their items. The problem is, it just becomes rote behavior for the readers. They are earning maybe 10 cents in a minute if they can handle enough multiple windows. That's a pretty big estimate, too, the way I see it. and that only comes to $6/hr which isn't even minimum wage. And no one is going to do PTR for 8 hours. After while, who is going to click a result in every search they receive by e-mail. Someone had the idea that this would be a unique way to earn a few cents and boost traffic. Now the market is flooded with PPC SE owners just praying they can get enough clicks to buy a cup of coffee. Besides, when I am really searching for something, I'm going to go to one of the major search engines right? The few times I have tried to patronize the smaller ones, I end up re-searching on the bigger guys anyway.

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