PR ~ Page Ranking
What have you actively done to increase the PR (Page Rank) of your website?

How do you learn what your PR is?
I;m porbably in the minority here, but I'm not insane about all the specific stats like PR. My sites are content based, and while I do keep tabs on traffic and work to increase it steadily, I concentrate on checking the words related to my content that people appear to be searching on . Then I tweak my content to include specific words and phrases to collect people looking for the kind of stuff i have.
What Paula said (about on-site SEO) is important, and probably more important than Page Rank (PR). The reason I say this is, firstly, because PR is nothing more than a google index, and it dosent affect other search engines. Secondly, if you have good content and on-site SEO, the PR should increase by itself naturally (ie. people will link to you). Thirdly, on-site SEO plays an important part in keyword relevancy, and hence it largely determines how your website is placed on search engine results pages.

PR is important, though, for Google. For new sites, it can really boost traffic, as it determines crawl rates (or so us SEO specialists assume). Google is supposed to index more pages, and crawl deeper into your site, when you have higher page rank.

How do you increase it? Well thats simple: you just get sites with PR to link to you. Your site will get part of their PR. The more sites with PR that link to you, the more PR you will get.

you can head to and use the googlePR predictor.

backlinks determine PR and things you can do to generate PR include:
1) blogging
2) forum posting
3) article submission
4) press release submission

i like blogging the best.
if you're interested in that, check out the programme i'm promoting,
you'll get access to the membership areas at Forums - Powered by vBulletin at no charge.

Andrew, would you please give some insight about the program you are talking about?
I agree with Paula, although my site offers a pretty unique service, so people looking for it are really only likely to run into me.
I think a lot of folks spend entirely too much time worrying about their long as you get people coming through checking out the site you shouldn't worry too much.
Before, I use to worry about my PR a lot. But now, I'm not as addicted to it because I see people coming to my site anyway.

What I basically do is link to other PR sites. It's better if I don't have to link back. I post my site in directories. Pay others to put my website in known forums.
I have two sites, one forum and one blog.
I generally do not buy any backlinks. I've put my site in the signature link of so many forums. So all the visitors comes from there. I do not give big priority to pr.
We have already some content done with keywords all over so people can find it in the search, but I will not be ableto know how things work out until we are actually out and running. I thought it would be a faster process to do, but it requires a lot of time and patience to do so. I will let you all know how things turn out.

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