Yeah they are totally suck and give me advice daily. I removed their code and also site from PPT.
With all these things, I think we are all learning what to do best and what not to do! There are many details that turn away potential clients. I'm now putting a red x netx to their name! As Aquarian said, time for a competitor to move in!
Yeah its time for a competitor to move in other websites.
Rohitpatel Wrote:Well last five days I got this messages from their review team.

-> You have to need 20 posts in last 90 days. While my blog have 64 entry in last 90 days.:eek:

What they mean is you must have a min of 20 post. (You do)

AND the first post on your blog must be older than 90 days.

Hope that helps.

I think you will make more money here than there. So I would input your time to something better than

It sounds like they set up a site hoping to make money from the effort of others, and never figured out how to pay the participants.
I found it both not populated and many of the posts not of a high intellect quotient.
They seem to be falling fast....or is that failing fast? Eaither way, they are pretty much history.

Anyone who moves in and does the job will win.
I have never used that company, I never really got their concept and as a result did not join. I am glad I did not based on the coments here.
I'm not sure if I've seen their site, but I did submit some trial items to

In my case with them, they didn't respond to my application.

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