How do you take advantage of branding? I guess I do it on a daily basis.
Grace Wrote:How do you take advantage of branding? I guess I do it on a daily basis.

You develop a brand identity or theme and people are attracted by that. Many people buy by brand and not quality.
That's true. Several years ago a few people were handed two glasses of cola. One was Coke and one was brand x. EVERY SINGLE PERSON preferred the Coke.

Both were coke. They were from the same can, poured into two different glasses. That's it.

They had the same results later when they put the x brand cola into the glass labled Coke....everyone preferred that to the Coke served in the brand x glass.

They have tried that with several products. It's amazing!
Well ACCER you picked right examples of brand name. People always choose branded items even both are same.
We need to brainwash people with our products like that.
A friend of mine runs a website where she wrote ALL of the content. It has been around for years and has oodles of info. At any rate, she often finds where people have copy and pasted her info into their own site, without credit. Usually an email threatening legal action and a compromise of adding proper credit swiftly takes care of it.
Well many people do copy and past job without an permisson and also never give credit original writer which is very sad for us.Sad
Yeah, we do. It would be great to own a name that people would be fools over!

That's what has happened to me. Luckily I have an attorney and form letters to handle the problem.
An Attorney on hand never hurts! I think probably some people think, who is gonna want my content? LOL at first and skip steps to protect themselves. It really is an angering issue that no one can understand till they have went through it.
Well I always think it that Who is gonna want to my content but I found many blogs use my content which I wrote myself.

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