Please I need urgent assistance
I registered these domain names: & on 2/04/08 but to my greatest surprise when I was checking for the availability of these domains , these were their respective result/ comment.

(java.lang.ClassCastException:com.neulevel.epp.core.response.EppResponseDataTransferDomain) (failed to check availability). They were registrated at

Please I need an explanation on what could have gone wrong during the registration and the procedure to resolving the problem. Thanks
Did you pay? Do you have a reciept for the payment?

Did you get a confirmation email from 007names?
are the 2 domain ids registered in the name of Prince Chike. If that's you, there's no problem with your registration. The problem must have been the whois query.

Anyway this doesn't seem to be an issue here at the moment.

Go TO and you won't have any transfer, new registration or any other problems. You will also get professional support 24/7/365

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