Possible Rollover Bandwidth Hosting Plan?
Hi everyone, back again. Been tighted down these few days. Ok, I am looking at my current server's bandwidth usage of only 30G being used at the most. There is such a huge wastage as my sevver package comes with 1TG.

I am wondering if there are possibly some hosts that would offer "Rollover Bandwidth" plan? Well, if someday (maybe next 6months) my bandwidth usage goes sky rocket, I'll be able to save on the bandwidth cost as those "previous" bandwidth that I didn't used up will be made available and added on to cover for the sudden increase in bandwidth :p

Is there any available host or data center offering such plan?
It is an interesting idea, but I am not familar with any hosts who do that.
Might check out someplace like webhostingworld to find out.
not familiar with hosts offering rollover.
was going through quite a number while looking for a good host and didnt seem any.

think most host's pricing model is based on the fact that you're not likely to hit the bandwidth ceiling often.
You can get the hosting plan here http://www.thewebpole.com/ and also get the hosting,domain name register, domain appraisal, online file folder, ssl certificate etc..

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