Potential Value for IDN?
Hi every experts here. I am researching about IDN recently as you could see my recent posts in other section. Ok now, while browsing domain marketplace at afternic just now, I was pretty much shock to notice that there are some IDN which are able to rack in a good price. See this particular sale :- http://www.afternic.com/name.php?id=12224925

If you see the "Offer history", there are a totally of 7bids offered for this IDN. And it was sold for USD380/= ! This is indeed a good price considering the name which I don't even understand what it means:confused:

What your thoughts in this? So far anyone involved in IDN trade yet? Would you kind enough to share your "secret" with us?:p
Im not gonna share any secrets but I will give you some tips


is punycode

and when coded or decoded with unicode it will resemble

this "çeviri.com" this is the only way it can display the accent on the c

u can do this with chinese and japanese and etc....
Maybe it is worth something.

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