I am reading the other thread, and tried to google PR7 and what you are talking about, but can't find a simple explanation. I know it might be a boring question to answer, but help me out, ok?
It's PR7 as in Page Rank 7. For an explaination of PR look at:
I had a dream last night that one of my sites went to a PR7. I would think I could come up with better thing to dream about, but I guess not.
zach Wrote:It's PR7 as in Page Rank 7. For an explaination of PR look at:

OK got it ...thanks for the link. I know it sounded like a dumb question but you have to learn somehow!
I'm bringing this post up to the top because it seemed there were a few questions recently ... or at least the inference that a few folks didn't know what PR meant. Smile

It brings a question to mind, too, so I'll start a new post.
Nod. I didn't really notice much about page rank until I downloaded a google toolbar that indicated PR. By the way, I dreamt last night I got eaten by a hippo. I'd have rather dreamt about rank.
Think of PR as an inverse pyramid of exponentially greater difficulty to achieve. Pretty much every page will achieve a PR1 in time. PR2 takes a few very low level links to achieve. PR3 can be reached with a bushel of low pr links. PR4 takes a bit more work but is harder to achieve than a pr3. PR5 really starts to ramp up and you need some decent backlinks in terms of quantity or quality or both. PR6 is starting to say something. There are many fewer of these sites, and they are going to need some quality back links. Quantity alone will not get you to PR6.

PR7 now you are talking rarefied air. These are often authority or borderline authority sites, sites with a lot of traffic, and well known in their given area. That or else they have worked the linking system and spent a lot of money on High PR Backlinks.

PR8 is extremely rare. Not many of these sites out there, and truely authority sites.

PR9 only a handful of these around. The biggest sites on the web fall into this category.

PR10 Not sure how many sites hold this designation, if any right now. I tend to forget. Top of the barrel, but reserved for the most authoratative sites with the most traffic and net awareness.

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