Press Releases - who reads them and how do they help?
Andrew is absolutely right. A poorly written press release won't get you anywhere. A press release can't be one giant advertisement for your site, business or product. It should mimic a news story.

I have found geography to be the key when dealing with press releases. Those targetted to a particular region, and distributed within that region, are the most successful.
Can you distribute via region on something like PRWeb or how does it work?
press releases are the best ways for webmasters to get the attention going on to its visits by placing high notch companies releases on the site. people normally reads the stories about big bunchs like microsoft, oracle, hp etc.
I think press release have become more helpful for the media people. But, there can be other side of press release that provides some of benefits as:-

To build links
Can be easily picked up by publication
helps journalist to get information
They refines our meassages
Provide content for marketing channel.

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