Privacy Services?
Do you use a privacy service to protect your domain information? I used to not use them, but I ran into all kinds of problems from little kids who ended up causing me a lot of wasted time dealing with their chilidish games.

So now I always use the privacy options, and it seems to work well.

Anyone else?
Do you mean prankster type stuff? I'd like to know more if you don't mind telling what they did.
Prankster? What is that?

What I am talking about is you contract out your domain to a third party and they provide the information for the domain, like the name, address, telephone number on the contact information. This way you are compliant with the whois requirements but you avoid people uncovering who you are and sending you mail, e-mail, making phone calls, threats whatever.
Yup, I am using godaddy omain privacy service (add-on) for all my domains registered with them. However, I didn't use yahoo privacy registration service.

So far, I have yet to run into problems with the domain I registered with yahoo...but I don receive a lot of spam emails for that domain. It keep me thinking "why"? I don't have much spam emails for those domains that I registered using godaddy privacy service.
Spam was never really a concern of mine. I just ran into a problem with a site once where some little deliquient used that information to attempt to harass me. I finally got him to stop because I am simply better at that game then most people, but I would rather not mess around with kids wasting my time if Ido not have to, so I consider the privacy protection an insurance policy on my piece of mind now.
By pranksters, I meant people who are just messing around with sites like kids often do ...for no gain other than just upsetting a site for fun. You answered my question though in another way. Thanks.
I use godaddy privacy service. It seems like tehy outsource this to a third party and godaddy fills in the whois details with the other company. I stopped doing this because I do not see what the point really is (many people just enter fake whois data anyway).
Yeah unfortunately the fake data can get you in trouble. I did that on one of my domains and missed an e-mail from Godaddy which caused an additional $12.00 investigation charge get billed to me, unfortunately.

My only concern with the privacy domains is if Google holds the lack of information against you, because they sometimes seem to use that data to compare ownership data of websites.
I use GoDaddy's privacy service, as well. I have some adult content and there was the possibility of privacy issues. I decided to stop it before it had a chance to start. I haven't heard anything about this being a problem in terms of Google.
havent used this servce yet myself or for any clients but will have to now as quite a few are asking for it and it doesnt really cost tha much anyway. the peace of mind it offers earns back that cost in no time at all.

I wonder whether this can be done only the through the registrar you use or whether one can go directly to such service providers?

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