Privacy Services?
What kind of privacy service you guys talking about?
I think i dont know anything about prvacy service.
deelip Wrote:What kind of privacy service you guys talking about?
I think i dont know anything about prvacy service.

Look at Domains by Proxy® for an example
Basically they just insert their business information as the contact information when you register a domain. This helps protect your privacy. Since you have to have information where you can be reached, they take care of it for you.
I do use it on some of my sites, becasue they are for personal services (sort of) and I dont' want my home address and phone available.
can't even thing about having a site with out privacy enabled on it. I always register's three sites at once to get free privacy on godaddy
I found with the info domains that registerfly has free privacy as well. They do not outsource it like GoDaddy though. They do it themselves.
Thanks for this thread. For some reason I had made the assumption that one of my triplicate sites had privacy services. I just checked on it through and found my full (though outdated from a move a few months ago) personal information on file.

Um. Argh. I went through SimpleURL to purchase the sites. Anyone have any ideas what I do next? I need to get that off of there!
just go to your registrar and seek for the privacy service there. if they didnt provide one then go to godaddy and transfer your domain there with privacy enabled
I will check with my registrar but in the meantime does anyone else know of a reliable service that provides privacy services? I refuse to use Go Daddy.
I think every registrar is providing these services as a common ground for protecting their customer's private data, you can check at registerfly, monsterhosting, hostgator etc. for more info

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