Just out of curiosity, is anyone here with the affiliate program at

I registered because I've licensed some production music there, but I haven't had any action with the affiliate program yet.
I haven't heard of it but did save the url to look through the site later. It looks like a good idea since paying for ASCAP licensing can be a pain and sometimes it's nice to have music available on a website. It might be a good way to help out musicians who can't afford to promote their work through regular channels.
Thanks Sagemother. I think it's a very progressive site and I've heard some very usable production music samples there.

I find it interesting how the Internet's changing that business, among others.
Aside from production music, they also offer stock images, film footage and sound effects.

There are some details at the site of some productions that have used their music.
I've never heard of it but sounds like a good place. Make sure that they are legit, just in case turns out that you are getting some licence to use music and is not legal... but if what they offer is their original stuff, I would definitely check it out.

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