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I have been thinking about purchasing some hits to increase traffic on my website. I really don't know where to begin. Is it worth? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! Smile
I've heard of paid posting and paying for advertising, but what do you mean paid traffic? You pay people just to visit your website? Sounds a little sketchy to me seeing as your paying just to increase traffic. I would just host your own images and videos, that actually gets your awstats up really high.
sunnybeachcal Wrote:I have been thinking about purchasing some hits to increase traffic on my website. I really don't know where to begin. Is it worth? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! Smile

I think i'm quite decent at building traffic and some SEO.

what kinda traffic do you want
and what kinda site do you have?

i think you can achieve all this for free or little cost.

if it's a general/social site, you could post your URL in forums, social networks like myspace.
and if you do it right, 1,000-2,000 visitors a day are cake.

my friend built up thejapanesearecrazy.com to 200,000 visitors a day in abt 3-4 mths.
check it out.

if you're looking at targeted visitors, then you might want to try press releases, article directories. etc.

it really depends on what you want to achieve.

from my own experience, i've kinda given up on traditional websites even though i have quite content rich stuff at internetmarketingcookbook.com and bizexcellerator.com.

i'm finding that blogs are indexed really fast. my PR0 blog is indexed almost daily.
my traffic keeps flying off the charts, and if i work at it, i'll go from PR0 to PR4 in time for the next google update (about 4mths total).

there's also some techniques and software which'll help you build a PR3 site in 2mths or less if you know how to do it...

again, i don't like to pay $$$, if i can do it free or almost for free.

I agree with Andrew: if you want traffic, you are better of building it.

The reason is that if you buy traffic, then you are paying for a short term solution. Where will all those visitors go once they visit your site? How many will think about bookmarking it and coming back later, and how many will tell their friends about it? It is probably only a very small proportion.

If you are running a traffic site, like an adult TGP or a gateway, you might need traffic to boost your exchanges and trades. In this case (and probably only in this case) it is a good idea.


Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try. So glad that I didn't waste any money.

you might like to shoot out press releases to places like PRWeb, write articles which include your URL in article directories like articlecity.com..

there's a whole bunch of stuff.

i used the RSS submitter which came with SecretBlogWeapon and I'm getting a steady stream of visitors from several blog directories.

it also comes with 176 traffic generators, which i havent even started on yet.

is yr site SEO-optimized btw?
your position on the SERPs does make a difference when you are pulling traffic from the search engines.
I think I would try other approaches first, but not rule out paid traffic. I don't think it is the end-all of web promotion, but if you combine it with good content, frequent updates, other forms of marketing, etc., you might get the same results but faster.
If you had a forum, I think paid posting is the best way to go. Not only do you get more traffic from the writers, but you also get good quality content on your website.
why not to go for link building to increase your pr and traffic rather than to write costly articles or paying for paid posting?
Well yeah that could be good to, but personally I would rather have A LOT of content on my website than a PR of around 4 or so. I've already got a 3 and I am pretty satisfied with it.

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